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All products from Spacecraft are authorised.  Unsure if you have an authorised item? Email us an image and we can help you find out. 

What does it mean to have an authorised product?

When Knoll International and other high-end brands first established, they invited certain designers to have their products made in their factories under exclusive license. These licenses were initially created to protect the exact specification of the design and dimensions.

The Knoll Barcelona Chair license lasted 50 years.  After that time there was a window where many copies of Barcelona Chairs were made and sold. None had the same craftsmanship, quality of materials, handmade base, leather choice or guarantee, but then not everyone was interested in owning a piece of history, nor wanted an investment to keep forever.

Lawyers have since issued that it is illegal to copy the most iconic chair of all time and now the only way to own an original specification is to buy a Knoll Barcelona Chair. The Eames products are also replicated regularly, but all are inferior products.

The Knoll, Vitra and Fritz Hansen products that we supply all have their own stamp from the manufacturer and designer, proving their authenticity.

Why buy an original?

  • you are not just buying a piece of furniture, but an authentic piece of design history
  • your purchase will hold or even increase in value
  • first-class quality materials and workmanship
  • many parts are handmade
  • substantial guarantees and warranties allowing you to preserve your investment

Read our PDFs regarding authorised furniture products and the differences
to look out for.

  • pdf download here Examples of Originals and Copies
  • PDF download here Originals versus Copies