Spacecraft successfully installed a clean and modern space for Aegis Media.

Location: Regents Place, London NW1

Occupants: 1080 people

Value: £625,000

Architect: Morey Smith

Scope: Workstations & accessories, Storage, Storage wall & Loose elements

Brands: Knoll, CBS, Centrium, Naughtone, Billiani

Aegis Media - Spacecraft Furniture


The move for Aegis Media faced a number of challenges, especially harmonising the group whilst accommodating 7 different brands under the group umbrella. The project also stretched time and cost constraints to ensure its success. Each level of the 8 floor building demanded its own unique style to distinguish the media brands without exploding the groups’ budget. In addition, the media giant was spread across a number of existing offices in central London and combining them would require a warm, vibrant workspace to make Regents Place their home.


Spacecraft initially tailored Knoll’s Scope MK desking system to its raw basics to roll out across all of the floors and respective brands. From this initial base every floor and even department was customised to mirror the various companies occupying the space. From a palette of coloured acrylic screens to exposed plywood tops each floor was given its own personality as well as Aegis benefiting from their buying power.

Centrium bespoke storage and storage wall was used throughout the building again injecting personalisation and accommodating the various storage requirements. Loose elements including seating and tables enhanced the different schemes and added further colour and style.


A space clean modern space subtly and elegantly personalised throughout the different brands. A project delivered on time and under budget Regents Place became a welcoming and animated building to house Aegis Media’s various characters. The finished article was embraced by everyone involved in the project and Spacecraft continue to work with the large organisation with their day to day needs.

Aegis Media - Spacecraft Furniture