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64-66 Old Street London EC1V 9AN

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Julia Haensel, (AA Dipl. Arch), JH Architecture Expand

'It really was such a pleasure doing the Eaton Mansions, Chelsea project together with you. You know your kit so well and are also so passionate about beautiful furniture, and it has to be said: Spacecraft's range is classic, exceptional –  timeless beauty!

Spacecraft assisted and supported the furniture choices for the Eaton Mansion project in Chelsea.  Carly the furniture consultant from the Spacecraft team, was particularly helpful by quickly organising samples, competitive quotes and images.  I would recommend their beautiful, authorised furniture products and services to other architects.' 

Richard Knight, RFU Stadium Director Expand

Extract from the RFU video “A new corporate HQ was fitting for an organisation such as ourselves. Working with Spacecraft ensured we got the best possible quality at the same time as working within our budget. We were able to move in on time. I was very pleased with the way the project was managed. Staff warmed to the offices from a very early state and people settled down very quickly. Communications issues have been managed due to the (new) offices. (RFU are) very pleased with working alongside Spacecraft and it was a positive experience with a good group of guys – it was obvious they were taking this project very seriously by the number of staff they provided.

(They were) very responsive in coming back to us when questions were asked. A very flexible approach throughout the project and ultimately the end product is of a very high standard and something to be proud of.”